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Bring your server’s SkyBlock experience to the next level with the ability to fine-tune island settings, create custom islands, view leaderboards, and much more.

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  • fabledskyblock-2.0.9.jar
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  • November 01, 2019
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Reworked island scanning to be faster and hopefully not crash your server anymore.
Island Scanning now scans 8,500 blocks every second and should no longer halt the server during scans. However, upon starting an island scan on a large island (>= 400x400), the server may freeze temporarily for a short period because it has to load the chunks.
Removed the Queue and Done messages for scanning in the language.yml file.
Removed the queue system for Island Scanning
Added more configuration options for Scanning
Added a new placeholder %fabledskyblock_island_has_upgrade_X%, where X is the name of an upgrade to return whether the player has an upgrade or not (true/false). (Names: Crop, Spawner, Fly, Drops, Size, Speed, Jump). (
Optimized the enum
Optimized Island Deletion