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Create custom bosses that provide a challenging experience with an in-game boss editor, custom skills, drop tables, and all the customization you could ever want.

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  • May 19, 2019
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- Added 1.14 support - Added PlaceholderAPI support for autospawn timers * Formatted either as %epicbosses_Placeholder% or %epicbosses_autospawn_Placeholder_formatted% * The default for SkeletonKing is %epicbosses_{boss_MiddleOfTheEarth}% * Interval placeholders will not work when the autospawn interval is in edit mode - Added %player% placeholder to boss spawn commands - Added {name} placeholder (player name) to boss spawn messages - Added debug messages to console to say why spawning a boss failed - Using a boss spawn item in creative will no longer decrease the number in hand - Rewrote internal boss handling - Fixed AI detaching from boss entity when entity gets unloaded - Fixed poison spelling error - Fixed '/boss add' commands not keeping spaces properly - Fixed typo for changing boss autospawn placeholder - Fixed give item drop tables not loading if any itemstacks were null, prints debug message to console