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  • stable 2.0.4


  • November 09, 2019
  • Changes:
    - Fix tree detection with destroyleaves disabled.

  • stable 2.0.1


  • August 03, 2019
  • - Item flag for unbreakable tools is now checked
    - Setting 'search-for-leaves-diagonally: true' no longer times out you...



Total Reviews 9

Total Downloads 9.7k

Total Views 19.1k

Product reviews


Drakunovu Review posted at 09/09/2019

Good plugin, using on the UHC of my Network
IP: mc.moracraft.ml


iMeliodas_ Review posted at 31/08/2019

AMAZING PLUGIN!!, but it would be nice if add suport with EpicWorldGenerator. :D


Annie Review comment posted at 01/10/2019

it already supports EpicWorldGenerator :) all you have to do is add the EWG trees to the ultimatetimber config


1vomarek1 Review posted at 17/07/2019

Absolutely amazing plugin! I love how its customizeabe and easy to use <3 5 stars 😉


{TheCodeNetwork} Review posted at 06/07/2019

This is a true Lumber Jack Plugin. I will highly recommend getting it as soon as possible :D.


YaItsZack Review posted at 21/06/2019

This is one of the best timber plugins that I have seen. Drag and drop, Reload and chop.


Emily Review posted at 07/06/2019

So customizable that you could end up overwhelmed - which is a good thing! Anything you could think of that you want to edit or change is probably already included! This plugin was put together super well, and I have absolutely no complaints about it.


Drake Review posted at 23/05/2019

Absolutely great plugin with "cutting-edge" features. Definitely recommend checking it out.


lilacorn Review posted at 16/05/2019

I have always been using this plugin before it became ultimatetimber. It keeps getting better each time they update it! My players even love it!


AshtonMemer Review posted at 20/04/2019

Beautifully animated. Replaced my TreeFeller with this. Really great detection, and can easily figure out what is and isn't a tree, as well as separate trees that are connected.