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  • stable 1.2.3


  • November 12, 2019
  • Changes:
    - Added Bait Shop.
    - Added translations for sell gui.
    - Fixed issue allowing fishing rods to stack.

  • stable 1.2.2


  • November 11, 2019
  • Changes:
    - Added bait particle effects that match the bait color.



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English Tutorial (Build 1.0.4) - Made by SoulStriker

Product reviews


NuNeTomas Review posted at Last Friday at 09:32

one thing to say one of the best plugin devs i've seen in minecraft community was looking for plugins like this one :) werry good and simple would give 10x 5 starts if this would be possible


[email protected] Review posted at Last Thursday at 13:48

I have only one thing to say - I have never seen so many players on my server fishing before in my life ... They love it!


AyeItsJoe Review posted at 24/07/2019

THE best Ultimate plugins I've seen yet! A lot of thought and talent has been poured into these plugins and songoda is THE best development team there is, from their amazing community to their plugins. Everything I've seen in the past 5 months from these developers has only been good things, I would buy every single plugin they have if I could afford it. Much love to everyone at Songoda <3


JasonFromSAGE Review posted at 24/07/2019

Finally. A competitor to the MoreFish plugin! (and one that works for 1.14, too!) Can't wait to see how this plugin grows in features!


Spacella Review posted at 24/07/2019

This is an awesome plugin, as always! Love all the features in it and the rarity feature is nothing that I have seen before. Thanks Bri! <3