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Catch entities by throwing eggs at them and absorbing them inside. This allows you to protect, store and move your entities easily while saving their unique attributes.

Compatible Minecraft Versions
1.14 1.13 1.12 1.11 1.10 1.9 1.8
  • stable 1.1.10


  • August 08, 2019
  • - Fixed an issue where tamed mobs wouldn't remember their owners.



Total Reviews 5

Total Downloads 1012

Total Views 3172

English Tutorial (Build 1.1) - Made by SoulStriker

Product reviews


ThatOverPowered Review posted at Last Friday at 10:47 AM

Hi! I love this plugin, works really good on my 1.14.4 Server. By the way, Im Spanish and Im interesed to make a review of this plugin for the Spanish comunity. Would it be possible? Thanks!


iTaKka Review posted at 06/24/2019

It would be nice if we could block the worlds we wanted.


Annie Review posted at 06/06/2019

After the plugin MobCatcher was abandoned a few years ago, I've been looking for a good replacement EVERYWHERE but I could never find a plugin that did everything I needed it to do... until now! I really love this plugin <3


KarmaLePro Review posted at 06/05/2019

Tres bon plugin mais il faudrait corriger le bug avec les Wither Squelette, car quand pose l'oeuf sa mais un Squelette.
Very good plugin but it should correct the bug with Wither Skeleton, because when the egg is a skeleton.


Annie Review posted at 06/06/2019

the review section is not a place to report bugs, please report them on support.songoda.com :)


KarmaLePro Review posted at 06/14/2019

Dans tout les cas ont donne nos avis. Faut comme meme penser au autre joueur qui veux avoir le plugin. In any case have given our opinion. Must like to think about the other player who wants to have the plugin.


KarmaLePro Review posted at 06/14/2019

Il se trouve ou le Support de Songoda ? Where is the Songoda Support ?


Rooftop Review posted at 06/01/2019

Another truly amazing plugin. Great for donator ranks! Would highly suggest this!