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MCG Minestore


The unique and Fully customiseable Donation store. Fully featured with Actions , Coupons Support , Sales support, Timed Products Categorys all ingame and GUI Based!

Latest Release
  • stable


  • May 16, 2019
  • Made the Order to expire when inactive for too long. Currently set to around 14 minutes then it will remove itself from...




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"Commands And Permissions"
/donate < No Permission Needed
/donate admin manage < minestore.admin
"Installation tutorial"

Or using :
1. Update plugin
1.2. Clear the values as said above if reinstalling/updating
2. start server
3. if the startup completed there should be a file named MCGSetup.php in the plugin dir upload that file to your webservers folder (root of your domain or subdomain)
4. give yourself the minestore admin perm or OP
5. run /donate admin install and enter the adress without www. or http:// just example.com
6. Once done click save and continue and wait. it will ask for currency ID
EUR is for euro and USD for dollar ect more can be found online.
7. once thats done you can customize manually inside the config.php for the webend and config.yml for the mc side. Note that you still have to re-enable the payment gates and fill in the paygate details (email or keys)

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