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Easy to use and good working plugin for you to make your server experience better. Players will love this plugin you can customize everything that plant does.

Compatible Minecraft Versions
1.14 1.13

  • beta 1.0.3


  • October 14, 2019
  • - Added support for sweet berry bush and fast harvest permission: simplecrops.fastharvest - Added ability to change cr...

  • beta 1.0.2


  • October 07, 2019
  • Fixed some issues with GUI, to open it type "/simplecrops editor" permission: simplecrops.command.editor

  • beta 1.0.1


  • October 06, 2019
  • Added GUI, not fully complete but now you can add and modify all the crops in the GUI. Currently missing Strength and ga...




Total Reviews 1

Total Downloads 72

Total Views 544

  • simplecrops.use - Permission to allow users to use crops.
  • simplecrops.* - Gives access to all SimpleCrops permissions.

  • simplecrops.command.* - Gives access to all SimpleCrops commands.
  • simplecrops.command.editor - Permission to GUI edit command.
  • simplecrops.command.reload - Permission to reload command.
  • simplecrops.command.give - Permission to give command.
  • simplecrops.command.clean - Permission to clean command.
  • simplecrops.drops.* - Permission to all crops drops.
  • simplecrops.fastharvest - Permission to fast harvest.
  • simplecrops.drops.items - Permission to get item drops.
  • simplecrops.drops.seed - Permission to get crop's seed.
  • simplecrops.drops.commands - Permission to get permission drops.
  • simplecrops.drops.message - Permission to get message drops.
  • simplecrops.drops.broadcast - Permission to get broadcast drops.

  • Product reviews


    Liammwy Review posted at Last Thursday at 02:09 PM

    Very good plugin. Very lightweight and easy to use. The documentation could be a bit better and I would love to know if there is a discord server dedicated to this plugin as I would love to suggest specific features I think the plugin could do with.
    Overall, an amazing plugin and I will definitely be using it in my upcoming survival server.


    NeutralPlasma Review comment posted at Last Thursday at 02:12 PM

    Ye, documentation is coming shortly, and for discord, I dmd you on discord :3. I'll be adding link shortly.