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Rhetorical's Dual Wielding


Rhetorical's Dual Wielding is a plugin that allows servers to enable dual wielding functionality to their server.

Compatible Minecraft Versions
1.14 1.13

  • stable 1.0.1


  • September 20, 2019
  • Fixed an issue that caused item durability to be incorrectly calculated causing a stack trace in the console. Fixed a t...




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Rhetorical's Dual Wielding

Rhetorical's Dual Wielding allows for your players to dual wield configurable items in the offhand and swing them as if they were main hand weapons. The plugin takes into account a multitude of different factors, including armor toughness, enchantments on the wearer and on the swung item, as well as other factors that would affect the behavior of the item.

Click here for a short video of the plugin in action!
Here's another short video of some cow tipping!


Permissions for this plugin are very simple. To give a player the permission to swing a specific item in their offhand, the permission is 'rdw.use.[material_name]', where '[material_name]' is the material name of the item. For example, if you wanted to allow the player to swing an iron sword in the offhand, you would give them the permission 'rdw.use.IRON_SWORD'. To give players the permission to swing any configured item in the offhand slot, the permission is 'rdw.use.*'. If you would like to disable permissions, you can turn the option 'require_permission' in the config to 'false'.


To add offhand materials you would like to be swung as items, you can add the material name to the 'offhand_materials' list in the config. If a material is not in that list, it may not be swung in the offhand, regardless of permission. Materials listed in the 'disallowed_materials' will prevent the offhand from swinging when these items are held in the main hand. Note that bows, crossbows (if on 1.14), and food will prevent the offhand item from swinging when held. Holding a block in the main hand will only prevent you from swinging when placing it.
The 'accuracy' option in the config will change how accurate the ray casting is when detecting entities. Lower accuracy values will result in more accurate swings at the cost of performance. Numbers such as 0.5 are recommended, but if server performance dips due to a large amount of players, a number closer to 1 is recommended.

Terms of Service

1. Do not modify, edit, change, or alter this plugin's code.
2. Do not redistribute or claim this plugin as your work.
3. Do not use or copy this plugin's code as your own.
4. Do not decompile the plugin.
5. I, the creator of Rhetorical's Dual Wield, reserve the right to change this agreement at any time.
6. I, the creator of Rhetorical's Dual Wield, reserve the right to revoke any person(s) access to the plugin who has broken this Terms of Service agreement.

Updated 8/30/19

Product reviews


smeths Review posted at 09/21/2019

Brilliant resource, I originally had this commissioned by rhetorical as something I felt was missing from vanilla and he has always gone above and beyond to make sure it works as well as possible and bugs are fixed in a timely and professional manor