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LotteryPool+ - REBORN [1.8 - 1.14.2] - UNIQUE SYSTEM -


Lottery Pool allows you to better manage your server economy by allowing players to take in lotteries that are automatically made every (configurable) minutes.

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Lottery Pool allows you to better manage your server economy by allowing players to take in lotteries that are automatically made every (configurable) minutes.


Why buy Premium?
1. You support me greatly.
2. You get support.
3. The free plugin no longer have any updates, the only updates you'll get is if you buy the premium version of LotteryPool.

(Source code is only updated once every 3 months)

- Have a server restart? We have a system made so your current lottery session won't be lost!

- Multiple tickets setting (default is 1 and it's recommended to balance the economy)

- Set your own lottery session interval and duration.

- Anti-Configuration Crash system - Set a wrong Material/Sound name? Not to worry, the plugin is coded to not crash and still work!

- Periodic file saving system - PREMIUM FEATURE

- Number formatted placeholders - PREMIUM FEATURE

- A percentile chance to not have winners every lottery session (mimics in-real life lotteries) - PREMIUM FEATURE

- Fully configurable

This plugin support versions below 1.13! To make it work w/o errors, (it shouldn't even crash your server, I have made a system where it doesn't crash your server if it's a lower version) please disable bossbar in the config.yml. - then it should work flawlessly on any versions!



- Any economy plugin.

"How does it work?"
Players are notified via chat and/ or the creation a boss bar whenever a lottery is in-progress.
(Initial boss bar message when the lottery session has just begun)
(As the lottery session progresses)
(Boss bar turns red after a (configured) amount of time is left on the clock.)

Players are then given the choice to participate via a custom and very interactive graphical user interface (GUI). Administrators that has root access to the server are able to set a default ticket price/tax/amount of tickets purchasable per player which when the player buys, it uses a intelligent system to add the amount to the lottery pool.

Players are able to access a GUI to see the participants of the current lottery-session and also how many tickets each participants has to gauge their winning chances.

After the configured lottery duration, a random winner (EVEN IF THE PLAYER IS OFFLINE, HE/SHE CAN WIN, the money will be deposited into their account.) will be selected. - More tickets = more chances, of course.

(A very good way of making your players use their money, allowing the poorer players to gain some fast cash too whilst doing their chores, they can wait on the lottery results. - if you make only 1 ticket is purchasable per player.)
Extra countermeasures are also taken to ensure that once a player has maxed out their participation in a lottery session, they cannot participate again. Also, when there is no current on-going lotteries, the player too cannot participate.

Time duration & time till the next lottery is also shown in the graphical user interface.

Hooray, the reborn version is out now, what's new!? Well, we have several new things, but it's best for you to check it out yourself!

- A revamped Lottery Session system. - overall optimized plugin

- A smart page system now added to the view players.

- Plugin is fully optimized now.

- You can basically customize anything now, from names, to lores, to slot numbers, to sizes and more!

- Lottery participants on boss bar now updates in real-time when a new player participates.

- We use a smart system now to detect things like material/sound names to be up to date with the current server's version and prompt the owner via server console instead of crashing wholly.

-Multiple tickets now! - Player GUI shows the amount of tickets each players has now too.

Also, I have changed some of the settings in config.yml but have tried to stay mostly similar to the old one. The only change you need to watch out for is in the gui section, I have inputted some new sections to make it work better.

/lotterypool - alias: /lpl, /lottery - opens the main GUI for lottery pool.
Permission Node: default for all players.

/lotterypool purchase - opens the lottery pool purchase GUI.
Permission Node: default for all players.

/lotterypool players - opens the lottery pool players GUI.
Permission Node: default for all players.

ADMIN COMMANDS: (alias - /lotterya & /lpla)

/lotterypoola reload - reloads the plugin. - restarting the server is still best.
Permission Node: lotterypool.admin

/lotterypoola (add/set/remove)pool - sets/adds/removes money from/to the total pool.
Permission Node: lotterypool.admin

/lotterypoola forcestart - force-starts a lottery session if one isn't already on-going. - PREMIUM
Permission Node: lotterypool.admin

/lotterypoola forceend - force ends an on-going lottery session and choose a winner. - PREMIUM
Permission Node: lotterypool.admin

Click here for the WIKI (WIP)

Once purchased, you agree to these terms -

1. You may not distribute the code of the plugin.

2. You may not make any changes to the plugin's code and publish it again, then calling it your own.

3. There shall be absolutely no refunds because you're purchasing a digital copy of the plugin.

4. I reserve every rights to remove you from the plugin if ever, I find out that you're leaking any of my plugins.

5. If you're registered on any leaking platforms, I reserve the right to remove your license without prior warning(s). - It's best to consult me first with an explanation rather than me asking you.

Found a bug? Please private-message me or join the support Discord server. Please do not put it in the reviews section as reviews are not for bugs.

I'd love to check out your servers that are using my plugins. Drop me a private-message and I might feature your server here too if you're using any of my plugins.

Click here to join my support Discord channel!

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