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If you're on this page, it means your intrested in this plugin!
And now I'll tell you about LoginAuth.
You may be thinking, why should I purchase LoginAuth?
Well, you don't have to.
But I'll be giving as much support and the most customisation possible for the plugin. From permissions to the commands you execute!

NOTE: The plugin is still in beta!!!


- Change the commands 
- Change permissions (To be made) 
- Change ALL messages
- Encrypted password saving 
- Light, fast and easy to setup!
- Get notified when someone logs in with a account
- Get notified when someone TRIES to login to YOUR account!

If you want to use the discord link feature, download this plugin: DiscordJDA/StefanoJDA


/register - Register with a password. The password will be encrypted 

/login - Login into the server. It will check the encrypted password against the saved encrypted password.

/link - Get a 4 number code you need to send to the configured discord bot. (Valid for 1m) [size=100]


Still None as of this moment!

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