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Hi ever wanted a good factionstop plugin with multiple addons for free choose this plugin

Compatible Minecraft Versions
1.12 1.11 1.10 1.9 1.8 1.7
  • stable 5.0.39


  • September 18, 2019
  • Recompile for factionsuuid & savagefactions their latest version Fix calculation in chests Possible fix for acuracy in...




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Version 5.0.34

General Description

Hi everyone I have developed a FactionsTop plugin. This plugin aims to make your server stand out. It allows your server to be very competitive thus making your server have an awesome experience whilst playing the gamemode of factions. Every player on your server will be able to brag about their spot in /f top This plugin allows you to configure it self to match your server I have made it so you are able to change every message that you may want to. It allows you to change the prices of all blocks that can be calculated. If a certain block is not calculated yet please shoot me a pm although it should be noted that not all blocks can be supported currently. You are able to not include for example player balances as far as the total value of a faction goes however you are still able to display it if you would want to. You can display the player its ftop rank by putting FTOP in the chat-format if using essentials

After months of work I have finally made it lagg free as far I have tested after a long time of optimization. Thus far I've seen that it does not destroy the tps of servers as it used to before.

Warning this plugin will most likely not work for 1.13 and above due to internal changes in spigot


These dependencies must be installed and functioning ! Spigot/

FluxSpigot/PaperSpigot (They must be on 1.7 - 1.12)

FactionsUUID SavageFactions SaberFactions


Java 8

Supported Plugins:






WildStacker 2.7.3

Addons for FactionsTop

1. Holograms 2. Gui

3. Signs


Edit: All addons will only be avaliable to download on the support discord. Please note that you will have to be verified to be able to download.

Plugin Features:

Spawner calculation Chest, Hopper, Dropper, Dispender item calculation Economy calculation

Default Configuration Files

Config.yml [spoiler][/spoiler]


[spoiler] Options: broadcast-when-starting-calculation: true broadcast-when-stopping-calculation: true factions-per-page: 10 chunks-calculated-per-second: 40 ftop-command-delay: 5 ftop-recalculation-delay-in-seconds: 1800 include-block-value-in-total-worth: true include-spawner-value-in-total-worth: true include-player-balance-in-total-worth: true include-itemworth-in-total-worth: true prevent-ftop-usage-while-calculating: true mysql-save-interval-in-seconds: 300 Resynchronization-Interval-in-Seconds: RichestMember: 60 ServerTotal: 60

Language.yml [spoiler][/spoiler]


[spoiler] RelationColours: enemy: '&c' truce: '&d' ally: '&2' member: '&a' neutral: '&f' Calculation: starting: '&6&lFactions&e&lTop &7We are now calculating all factions !' finished: '&6&lFactions&e&lTop &7Calculation has finished !' Command-FTop: line: '&6%rank%. %relationcolour%%factionname% &a$ %value%' headerlines: - '&4&l&m-------------&e&lPage &c&l%page%&4&l&m-------------' - '&eServerTotal &6$ &c%servertotal%' - '' command-preventage: '&6&lFactions&e&lTop &aPlease wait till ftop calculation has finished !' tooltip: - '&4&l&m<------&e&l%faction%&4&l&m------>' - '&eLeader: &c%leader%' - '' - '&eTotal Wealth: &6$ %total%' - '&eBlocks: &6$ %blocks%' - '&eMoney: &6$ %money%' - '&eSpawners: &6$ %spawners%' - '&eItems: &6$ %itemworth%' - '&eTotalSpawnerCount: &c%totalspawnercount%' - '' - '&eRichest Member : &a%richestmember%' - '&eRichest Member Balance : &6%richestmemberbalance%' - '' - '&4&l&m<------&b&lBlocks&4&l&m------>' - '&b(blocks:BEACON:0) &cx &eBeacon' - '&b(blocks:DISPENSER:0) &cx &eDispenser' - '&b(blocks:DROPPER:0) &cx &eDropper' - '&b(blocks:HOPPER:0) &cx &eHopper' - '' - '&4&l&m<------&b&lItems&4&l&m------>' - '&b(items:GOLDEN_APPLE:1) &cx &eGodApple' - '&b(items:MONSTER_EGG:50) &cx &eCreeperEgg' - '' - '&4&l&m<------&b&lSpawners&4&l&m------>' - '&b(spawners:SilverFish) &cx &eSilverFish' - '&b(spawners:IronGolem) &cx &eIronGolem' - '&b(spawners:Creeper) &cx &eCreeper' - '&b(spawners:Blaze) &cx &eBlaze' - '&b(spawners:Enderman) &cx &eEnderman' - '&b(spawners:Skeleton) &cx &eSkeleton' - '&b(spawners:Zombie) &cx &eZombie' Command-FValue: console-sender: '&6&lFactions&e&lTop &aYou can not run this command through console !.' your-faction-not-synced: '&6&lFactions&e&lTop &cError &efaction is not synced.' other-faction-not-synced: '&6&lFactions&e&lTop &cError: &eFaction &c%faction%&e is not synced.' faction-doesent-exist: '&6&lFactions&e&lTop &cError: &c%faction% doesen''t exist.' no-faction: '&6&lFactions&e&lTop &cYou don''t have a faction' line-self: '&aYour faction is worth &6$ %value%' line-others: '&aFaction %faction% is worth &6$ %value%' tooltip: - '&4&l&m<------&e&l%faction%&4&l&m------>' - '&eLeader: &c%leader%' - '' - '&eTotal Wealth: &6$ %total%' - '&eBlocks: &6$ %blocks%' - '&eMoney: &6$ %money%' - '&eSpawners: &6$ %spawners%' - '&eItems: &6$ %itemworth%' - '&eTotalSpawnerCount: &c%totalspawnercount%' - '' - '&eRichest Member : &a%richestmember%' - '&eRichest Member Balance : &6%richestmemberbalance%' - '' - '&4&l&m<------&b&lBlocks&4&l&m------>' - '&b(blocks:BEACON:0) &cx &eBeacon' - '&b(blocks:DISPENSER:0) &cx &eDispenser' - '&b(blocks:DROPPER:0) &cx &eDropper' - '&b(blocks:HOPPER:0) &cx &eHopper' - '' - '&4&l&m<------&b&lItems&4&l&m------>' - '&b(items:GOLDEN_APPLE:1) &cx &eGodApple' - '&b(items:MONSTER_EGG:50) &cx &eCreeperEgg' - '' - '&4&l&m<------&b&lSpawners&4&l&m------>' - '&b(spawners:SilverFish) &cx &eSilverFish' - '&b(spawners:IronGolem) &cx &eIronGolem' - '&b(spawners:Creeper) &cx &eCreeper' - '&b(spawners:Blaze) &cx &eBlaze' - '&b(spawners:Enderman) &cx &eEnderman' - '&b(spawners:Skeleton) &cx &eSkeleton' - '&b(spawners:Zombie) &cx &eZombie' Command-Reload: no-permission: '&cError: &aYou don''t have permission !.' reloaded: '&6&lFactions&e&lTop &aReloaded the config !.' [/spoiler]

MySQL.yml [spoiler] host: user: root password: '1234' database: FactionsTop table: data port: '3306' use-mysql: false[/spoiler]


[spoiler] [/spoiler]


/f top <page> displays a page of top factions /f value <faction> displays your faction its value or another faction their value /ftopadmin allows you to control the plugin


FactionsTop.admin.reload to run /ftopadmin reload FactionsTop.admin.setsetchunkspersecond to run /ftopadmin setchunkspersecond FactionsTop.admin.setplayerspersecond to run /ftopadmin setplayerspersecond FactionsTop.admin.forcerecalculate to run /ftopadmin forcerecalculate

Placeholders for /f top



%rank% %factionname% %value% %percentagechanged% %totalspawnercount% %faction% %rank% %leader% %blocks% %money% %spawners% %total% %itemworth% %beacon% %dispenser% %dropper% %hopper% %richestmember% %richestmemberbalance% %totalspawnercount% %percentagechanged% %zombiespawneritem%

[/spoiler][spoiler] [/spoiler]

PlaceHolders for /f value



%value% %totalspawnercount% %faction% %rank% %leader% %blocks% %money% %spawners% %total% %itemworth% %beacon% %dispenser% %dropper% %hopper% %richestmember% %richestmemberbalance% %totalspawnercount% %percentagechanged%


The Terms Of Service are as following:

You may not redistribute my plugin under your name You may not claim to have created this plugin in any form You may not share/give/ this plugin to anyone You may not include this plugin in a server setup however the configuration of it may be as long as you are excluding the jar file if you are selling a server setup or your server You may not leak this plugin on any sort of forum You may not upload this jar to any sort of download service such as MediaFire to provide a free copy without my permission this permission may be handed via a private message,email, skype message,discord message You wave your right to chargeback upon purchase for any sort of reason You need to have permission of the paypal account holder to purchase this plugin. You agree to not filing a chargeback under any circumstances You will not file an unauthorized chargeback as you have waved right to do so by purchasing as stated above I am able to make any changes to the terms of service at any time given you will acknowledge this. You may ask me questions regarding this plugin via private message,email, mcmarket,spigot I will not provide support for those asking questions on YouTube. I am not required to be answering any sort of questions/support on YouTube. I am not required to be answering questions/support to those who can't provide solid proof of purchase i may check for your purchase on both spigot & mc-market If you are running this plugin without having this plugin purchased you will be needing to remove this from your system immideatly as you are not licenced to use it. I reserve the rights to make any aditional changes to these terms of service at any given time.

Author Information

Hi my name is CustomEnchants My youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAfVfIOwMict4_YS-njxNTA?view_as=subscriber My discord is CustomEnchants#6124 My mc-market is CustomEnchants

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