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  • stable 6.1.13


  • November 06, 2019
  • Changes:
    - Made it possible to reload spawners with ./es reload
    - Reorganized spawner change event.
    - Pickup cost...



Total Reviews 21

Total Downloads 3k

Total Views 18.6k

If you run into trouble using this plugin try removing SilkSpawners or any other plugin that utilizes the breaking of spawners. For this plugin does that itself.

Any purchase made to Songoda is as is. We do not give refunds of any kind after a purchase is made. Forced refunds such as a charge-back, claim, or dispute in an attempt to receive a free plugin or product is prohibited. We take disputes very seriously. If a charge-back, claim, or dispute is initiated we will use legal action against it.

Product reviews


ArifErdoganK Review posted at 01/10/2019

New platform and plugin is great, thanks


Zan Review posted at 25/08/2019

Best spawner plugin, with a lot of features, easy to use. I would recommend buying. Great work!


ItzDabbzz Review posted at 24/08/2019

Have you used other spawner plugins? Have you used this? yeah just stick to this. you know its the right choice, as its the best on the market.


FuriousFur Review posted at 19/08/2019

Been a great supporter of Brianna for years and I do not bother with other spawner plugins. What makes this plugin stand atop others is that the updates are constant which helps with other plugins I use that support the purchasing of spawners etc...


Achy Review posted at 16/08/2019

Hey, Great plugin.
some mobs spawners in 1.14.4 like spiders (not sure if there is more)
lacking of spawning cause of to darkness (it says that when you look at the gui)


Achy Review comment posted at 16/08/2019

just delete this comment when it gets updated, then i can give rate again.


Brianna Review comment posted at 16/08/2019

Yeah you can change whether or not they spawn in the dark in the spawners.yml :P But i'm glad you like it!


Jitter Review posted at 21/07/2019

Best spawner plugin. It can save you so many extra plugins, and its super easy to use. If you have never used a plugin, Trust me, you could be able to use this gui either way, its very user friendly. Almost no bugs and a lot of value for the price. Definitely buy this if your server needs a spawner plugin!


Aberto Review posted at 09/07/2019

i think don't buy it. (if you want an ordinary server) .


OnlyGabe Review posted at 06/07/2019

I have had this plugin for a couple days already and is super easy to setup. I love the gui's and all the customizable features added to help fit your needs


bhavin Review posted at 21/06/2019

This plugin allow so much customization and is a MUST buy for any faction server. By far one of the best plugins I have purchased so far! Great work!


Jitter Review posted at 01/06/2019

For factions servers, this is a godsend. This plugin IS SO DANG GOOD! The fact that Songoda puts it up for 10$ is so generous, its worth atleast 15-20! This plugin has everything related to spawners you would ever need. 100/100


AntoLuMeju99 Review posted at 31/05/2019

Best spawner plugin every! Worth every money spent on it. The configuration are insane.


SilverSleet645 Review posted at 27/05/2019

This is one of the best plugins I have seen. SilkSpawners was a good plugin for a while, but it doesnt support spawner stacking, omni spawners, and other things. EpicSpawners covers all of my needs including making custom spawners! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a spawner plugin that can get the job done! 10/5 stars!

Mnae Ba

Mnae Ba Review posted at 26/05/2019


EpicSpawners is the most of the best spawner plugin you can find because they have a lot of unique features as shown on this page.


Dinoboss2001 Review posted at 13/05/2019

great plugin and I only have one error that is incompatibility but it ise my ticket so nothing but añador great work I hope your next success


nato3623 Review posted at 12/05/2019

Wonderful plugin, but i found an issue, very particular. If i try to edit something in config or spawner file, it will change automatically in the last edit i made. Also if i remove the folder and the jar file, stopping the server, and after put again the jar file and starting the server, it will reload the previows spawnershop file, uneditable. Pls help me, tell me if there are other folders where EspicSpawner save his files.


JasonFromSAGE Review posted at 09/05/2019

Been using it for a long while now and have had zero issues. It's a great plugin and does exactly what it says it does :)


HexedHero Review posted at 03/05/2019

Best spawner plugin on the market! Used it for such a long time and just works flawlessly!


Nik Review posted at 01/05/2019

The best spawner plugin! I recommend this on every server buy it now!!!

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Nik Review comment posted at 09/05/2019

edited https://www.patreon.com/songoda


HAMCORE Review posted at 15/04/2019

Been using this plugin for 2 years now and it's a huge hit on my server. Support is incredible as well!


ByMarco25 Review posted at 01/04/2019

Amazing spawner plugin best 10 or so dollars i have ever spent (after a pizza baguett i had last week) cant wait to get more plugins from here and some merch!


Annie Review comment posted at 04/04/2019

a pizza baguette sounds incredible [b]*furiously taking notes*[/b]


SevenX Review posted at 31/03/2019

Not bad, just trying to fit the 80character in order to place my message here f a e d