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  • stable 4.4.2


  • January 17, 2020
  • Changes:
    - Improved on last saving upgrade.
    - Added config blacklist for auto crafting.
    - Added the ability for a...

  • stable 4.4


  • December 11, 2019
  • Changes:
    - Added support 1.15.
    - Wait for other plugins to load before loading levels.
    - Fix for a weird storage i...

  • stable 4.3.11


  • November 27, 2019
  • Changes:
    - Fixed issue with synctouch when not attached to a chest.



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Total Downloads 1.6k

Total Views 11.2k

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Product reviews


FoxSpellCaster Review posted at 12/25/2019

This is an insane plugin, you'll be invested in trying to figure out everything you can do with it. Highly recommended. Some hoppers might act a little strange from time to time, but with this many functions you might act strange from time to time setting them up ;)


ArifErdoganK Review posted at 10/01/2019

New platform and plugin is great, thanks


KarmaLePro Review posted at 06/14/2019

Tres bon plugin mais je voudrais donner mon idée a rajouter si vous le voulez.
Ajouter un menu en plus pour faire téléporter un block qui et en desu d'un Hopper à un autre Hopper

Very good plugin but I would like to give my idea to add if you want.
Add an extra menu to teleport a block that has been dropped from one Hopper to another Hopper


Cry_Legende Review posted at 05/24/2019

Plugin with huge potential but in the latest versions, breaks a lot of vanilla functionality.
For example, it totally breaks the redstone..
The EpicHopper filter, when there is too much item it does not filter 1/4 items, also he is totally unusable with custom items (custom name, custom lore..) because they are lost after a server reboot


Brianna Review comment posted at 05/26/2019

Fixed in latest update ^-^ Rewrote most of the plugin ;D Give me a bit to get it released.


bitcraft Review comment posted at 08/09/2019

in this last update Same thing happens


MagenticPlayz Review posted at 05/10/2019

Yet again. A beautiful and useful plugin. I never have to use chains again. I was always looking forthis kind of plugin and here it is.