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  • stable 3.0.8


  • November 08, 2019
  • Changes:
    - Removed legacy location conversion.
    - Added a system to discard seeds.

  • stable 3.0.6


  • October 31, 2019
  • Changes:
    - Fixed strange issue with saving.
    - Fixes for legacy farming.



Total Reviews 5

Total Downloads 903

Total Views 9.5k

English Tutorial (Build 1.2.0) - Made by AntonioRush

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Product reviews


Annie Review posted at 28/10/2019

Great plugin for animal & crop farm automation! I love the new update with the auto butcher :D


ZConnorZ Review posted at 27/10/2019

The plugin is good, can you make a setting of the number of items that will be sent at a time to hopper?


Annie Review comment posted at 28/10/2019

Hi Connor, you can make feature requests for the plugin at https://feedback.songoda.com/ :)


clubname Review posted at 14/10/2019

should make a shop/buy gui for vanilla/survival servers so admins/owners/ops/mods dont have to give them away that would be amazing please and thanks other then that really good plugin


Brianna Review comment posted at 14/10/2019

Just use a third party shop <3 Making a whole shop feature for the plugin would be a tad bit out of scope.


ArifErdoganK Review posted at 01/10/2019

New platform and plugin is great, thanks


Acenox Review posted at 08/08/2019

The plugin works great, I can only recommend it if you want to automate your farms.