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  • stable 1.4.8


  • November 19, 2019
  • Update/Change Logs:
    Fixed issue with the new creation system in 1.13+
    Fixed issue with the spooky animation
    Fixed iss...

  • stable 1.4.7


  • November 17, 2019
  • Update/Change Logs:
    Added a system in which you can create a lootbox via a GUI [/el create ] (I know about...

  • stable 1.4.6


  • November 02, 2019
  • Update/Change Logs:
    Added Sales broadcast. Broadcast how many sales of a lootbox you have had every x mins
    Added /loot...

  • stable 1.4.5


  • October 28, 2019
  • Update/Change Logs:

    Added Halloween animation (ID: 9)
    Create command has b...




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EliteLootbox is a customisable lootbox plugin that allows you to create lootboxes that are identical to a well-known server's lootbox feature.

This plugin comes with an in-game reward adder (Support NBT Tags) and it comes with a fully customisable percentage system.


How to add an item

1. Put the item you would like to add into the crate in your hand
2. Execute this command /el addreward

How to remove an item

1. Execute the command /el rewards
2. Shift + Right Click item you would like to remove

For a more detailed and updated list please do /elitelootbox animations [in-game].

You can also set a lootbox to get a certain amount of rewards or all rewards without an animation

Servers using this plugin:
play.treasurerealms.net - My Server
play.jurassicpvp.com - uDrop
cosmicpvptest.com - Beadle


PLEASE NOTE: Before you purchase please understand this plugin does not support commands as set rewards. Items are saved as Base64 and therefore you can only add items in-game and you cannot add them from a configuration file.

If you need support then check out the support discord

If you have any questions then feel free to contact me @ Splodgebox#3490 on discord

Product reviews


SilverSleet645 Review posted at 16/06/2019

Excellent Plugin. Almost every message is customizable, and the types of loot you can put in these boxes is at the limit of your own imagination. And the developer is very active and helped me with any issues. I would 100% recommend this plugin!