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Create lootboxes in-game with a choice of multiple animations!

Latest Release 1.2.4
  • stable 1.2.4


  • May 25, 2019
  • Updates: - 'Added set-rewards section to the default configuration' - 'Added set-rewards section to the lootbox cr...

  • stable 1.2.3


  • May 24, 2019
  • Update/Change Logs: + Added Floating animation [ID:5] (Rewards float infront of you) + Optimised some reward manageme...

  • stable 1.2.2


  • May 19, 2019
  • Update/Change Log: - 'Added 1.14 Support' - 'Optimised the Drop Package animation'
    Bug Fixes: - 'Fixed issue...

  • stable 1.2.1


  • May 18, 2019
  • Updates: - 'Added check to see if there are no rewards set' - 'Added glow to lootboxes (to add just put glow: true i...




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EliteLootbox is a customisable lootbox plugin that allows you to create lootboxes that are identical to a well-known server's lootbox feature.

This plugin comes with an in-game reward adder (Support NBT Tags) and it comes with a fully customisable percentage system.
How to add items and remove them
How to add an item 1. Put the item you would like to add into the crate in your hand 2. Execute this command /el addreward <crate> <percent>

How to remove an item 1. Execute the command /el rewards <crate> 2. Shift + Right Click item you would like to remove

Current Animations:
Lootbox Animation

Drop Package Animation

CSGO Roulette Animation

Instant Reward [ID:4]

/elitelootboxes create <lootboxName> - Generate a lootbox in the lootbox.yml [elitelootbox.create]

/elitelootbox addreward <lootboxName> <percentage> - Add the item in your hand to your desired lootbox [elitelootbox.addreward]

/elitelootbox setreward <lootboxName> <1or2> - Set the bonus items in the lootbox animation [elitelootbox.setreward]

/elitelootbox rewards <lootboxName> - Get all the rewards in your desired lootbox [elitelootbox.viewrewards]

/elitelootbox give <player> <lootboxName> - Give player a lootbox [elitelootbox.give] If you need support then check out the support discord https://discord.gg/T7mVwtV

If you have any questions then feel free to contact me @ Splodgebox#3490 on discord

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