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AdvancedEnchantments is a plugin for Bukkit/Spigot/Paper providing better enchantments & curses for Minecraft.

Compatible Minecraft Versions
1.14.3 1.14.2 1.14 1.13.2 1.13 1.12.2 1.12 1.11.2 1.11 1.10.2 1.10 1.9.4 1.9.2 1.9 1.8.8
  • stable 4.12.14


  • July 10, 2019
  • * Added antigravity * Added anvil & grindstone support * Large performance improvements across the board, should no lo...

  • stable 4.11.13


  • July 07, 2019
  • * Added treason * Fixed issue with Guava not being loaded first, causing random loading issues * Fixed performance iss...

  • stable 4.10.12


  • July 01, 2019
  • * Added tornado * Added burst * Added stillness * Added decay * Added proficiency * Slightly nerfed rampage * Arti...




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This is a new, completely revamped and more advanced enchanting system than the boring vanilla experience. Enjoy new curses to troll your friends with and new enchantments to apply to your items!

There's always more to come, so stay updated with the plugin's built-in notifier!

The first time AdvancedEnchantments is run it will take some time to start up. this is normal, and will very rarely (if ever) take that long again.

To set AdvancedEnchantments up for a single server, simply drop the jar into your "plugins" folder. The auto-generated configuration should default to reasonable values for you, but you may modify it if you wish.

ProtocolLib is recommended for Mirage, though if you don't have it the enchantment will still work fine.

# Value between 0 and 1, representing the percentage chance that a custom enchantment will be added to an item while using an enchanting table
# 0 = no chance (off), 1 = 100% chance (all custom enchants, no vanilla)
# If > 0, will add all registered custom enchants to the vanilla enchanting system
# Registered enchants are enchantments that extend AdvancedEnchantment
# For the layman: this will mean most, if not all, custom enchantments
enchant-chance: 0.0

# When true, logs some extra output to the console so you can see if/why things might be failing
debug: false

# Whether or not to send anonymous usage statistics to bStats
# True: Send anonymous stats; let the author know how well the plugin is doing and how it's used!
# False: Do not send stats and make the author sad :(
usage: true
# Whether or not to send anonymous errors to the author
# True: Send errors anonymously to GameAnalytics so the author can fix them!
# False: Do not send errors and wonder why any bugs you encounter haven't been fixed
errors: true

# Whether or not to automatically check for updates and notify the console if found
check: true
# Whether or not to notify players with the ae.admin permission node
notify: true

# Config version, no touchy plz
version: 1.1

/ae reload - Reloads the plugin configuration. This will disconnect and reconnect (if appropriate) any services configured in the config.yml file.
/ae add | set | enchant <enchant> [level] - Adds an enchantment (or sets its level) to your currently-held item.
/ae remove | delete <enchant> - Removes an enchantment from your currently-held item.

ae.admin - gives access to reload, add, and delete commands, and notifies of updates
ae.enchant.<enchant> - gives the player access to use the specified enchantment (enchantments will not work without this permission node)
ae.curse.<curse> - gives the player access to use the specified curse (curses will not work without this permission node)

Aerial [1-5]: Does more damage while the player is in the air.
Antigravity [1-3]: Permanent (high-level) jump boost
Artisan [1-5]: Pickaxes mine in veins, axes fell entire trees, etc
Beheading [1-3]: Gives a chance to drop the player's/mob's head if the enchanted item strikes the killing blow.
Bleeding [1-5]: Continuously damages the target for a short time. Damage depends on level and base weapon damage.
Blinding [1-5]: Has a chance to blind the target for a short period of time.
Burst [1-3]: When firing an arrow, will also fire extra arrows in a line behind it.
Charging [1-5]: Does more damage while the player is sprinting.
Disarming [1-5]: Has a chance to make the target drop their currently-held items.
Explosive [1-3]: When a block is broken, all the blocks around that block are also broken.
Fiery [1]: Arrows that hit a mob or land on a block will set their surroundings on fire.
Freezing [1-5]: Has a chance to slow and possibly completely freeze the target for a short period of time.
Magnetic [1-3]: Slowly draws any ground items around the player towards them.
Mirage [1-5]: Moves the ground around the player slightly when swinging a weapon. Also sends nearby entities in the air.
Multishot [1-3]: When firing an arrow, will also fire a few extra arrows that spread out a bit.
Poisonous [1-5]: Has a chance to poison the target for a short period of time.
Proficiency [1-5]: Drops more experience per action (mining, fishing, kills, etc)
Rampage [1-3]: The more you kill, the stronger you get. Cools off after a while.
Repairing [1-5]: Slowly repairs the item over time if the player is holding it.
Smelting [1]: The enchanted item acts like a furnace for anything it breaks.
Stillness [1]: Prevents block updates when breaking a block.
Thunderous [1-3]: Gives a chance to strike the target with lightning when the enchanted item hits it.
Tornado [1-3]: Sends the target up into the air when hit.
Vampiric [1-5]: Gives the player a small amount of health back depending on the damage dealt with the enchanted item.

Adherence [1]: The cursed item cannot be moved from one inventory to another.
Calling [1-5]: Draws nearby mobs toward the holder/wearer and makes them hostile
Decay [1-5]: Breakable items break far more quickly.
Ender [1-3]: If the player wearing the cursed item is hit, they have a chance to be randomly teleported a fair distance away.
Leeching [1-5]: The cursed item takes health from the player and gives it to the target.
Pacifism [1]: The cursed item can do no damage to any mob or player.
Stickiness [1-3]: The cursed item, once held, must be held for a certain amount of time. You just can't let go!
Wither [1-5]: Slowly kills the wearer/holder

By obtaining this plugin (by any means) you agree to the following:
1. You will not sell, forward, send, or redistribute this plugin to anyone in any form for any reason. This excludes anything compiled or obtained from the official repository at github.com/egg82/AdvancedEnchantments and any derivatives of that work
2. You will not attempt a refund or chargeback of any kind, under any circumstances
3. You will only use this plugin on one network (a network is defined as one or more servers maintained by at least one common operator and are all accessible from Mojang's Minecraft client through one common IP address)
4. You acknowledge and adhere to any terms currently defined in this section, regardless of any changes made. It is your sole responsibility to stay updated on these terms.
5. I reserve the right to terminate this contract at any time for any reason. If your contract is terminated in this way, you will no longer have access to the plugin on this website. You may re-instate this contract by re-purchasing the plugin.
6. You may terminate this contract at any time by discontinuing use of the plugin.
7. You are exempt from any of the above rules only by a document with an accompanying valid digital signature provided by the PGP key BEC0 512C 1647 E114 B701 AC5D 0836 D568 33B8 F0F7 explicitly stating that you are exempt from any or all aforementioned rules. You are then held to any terms defined in that document.
8. Upon termination of this contract (at any time, for any reason), you agree to adhere to sections 1 (no distribution), 2 (no chargeback), 4 (acknowledgement of changes made), and any terms defined in contracts made under section 7.

Hash: SHA256

"Songoda staff" is defined as persons officially employed at Songoda LLC. residing at songoda.com. This excludes retired, removed, and unofficial staff.

Songoda staff are hereby exempt from rule 1 (distribution of plugin).

Exemption of rule 1 is under the restriction of distribution of the plugin on the plugin's official page ( https://songoda.com/dashboard/product/advancedenchantments-better-enchantments-curses/ ) and related sales and download webpages.


Product reviews


AngryDave Review posted at Last Friday at 05:43 AM

Works lovely and will be a great addition to the server. Nothing really more to say on this matter. Does exactly as it say.


Suralt Review posted at Last Thursday at 09:04 AM

Hello, i am getting a little error: ERROR] Could not pass event InventoryClickEvent to AdvancedEnchantments v4.12.14


egg82 Review posted at Last Thursday at 10:57 AM

Go ahead and post the full error in an issue on the GitHub, where I can help you better: https://github.com/egg82/AdvancedEnchantments/issues Thanks for the review, though!


takoid Review posted at 06/24/2019

Very kind and competent dev. Plugin has a bright future that I'm very excited for. Thank you egg.