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Advanced Achievements <-> Luck Perms Hook​


A hook plugin between AdvancedAchievements and LuckPerms. Add group on achievement!

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Compatible Minecraft Versions
1.14 1.13 1.12




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Advanced Achievements <-> Luck Perms Hook

This plugin is a drag-and-drop addon that enhances your experience using both Advanced Achievements and Luck Perms. Through this plugin, you can add or delete (or both!) a user from a specific LuckPerms group once they have obtained one or more achievements.


  1. Firstly, just download the plugin.

  2. Once you've downloaded the plugin, drop it into your plugins folder.

  3. Then, start the server.

  4. Navigate to plugins/AdvancedAchievements-LuckPerms-Hook and edit the file named config.yml.

  5. Finally, run /aalp reload.


Here's the default configuration:

if-already-in-luckperms-group: "apprentice_of_the_environment"

- "kill_10_sheep"
- "kill_15_zombies"
- "obtain_32_stone"
- "mine_16_obsidian"
- "tame_5_horses"

- "delgroup:apprentice_of_the_environment"
- "addgroup:master_of_the_environment"

click to see the config on github

You can see the idea here. Let's walk through what this means:

  1. Firstly, it's going to ensure the user has the group called out by if-already-in-luckperms-group.

  2. Then, it's going to check whether or not each achievement has been fulfilled.

  3. Finally, if both steps 1 and 2 were successful, it's going to apply each action from top to bottom.


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