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Ultimate UltimateStacker

A simple yet powerful stacking plugin built to cover all your stacking needs allowing you to stack mobs, spawners and items all in a single plugin.

tags: Ultimate

Fun EliteArmor

Customisable armor plugin with premade sets! Phantom, Yeti, Yijki, Traveller, Supreme and Ranger

tags: Fun

Fun EliteLootbox

Create lootboxes in-game with a choice of multiple animations!

tags: Fun Miscellaneous General

Epic EpicSpawners

Bring together item spawners, custom drops, spawning combining, silk-touch spawners and a spawner shop all in a simple and easy to use and configure plugin.

tags: Epic Mechanics Fun

Fun EliteMasks

Customisable Masks that you can apply to your armor to gain buffs and effects!

tags: Fun Miscellaneous General

Epic EpicHeads

Allows you and your players to search over 19,000 unique heads which are perfect for building immersive masterpieces. Easily search heads through different categories.

tags: Epic

Epic EpicLevels

Implement a new way to reward, test, and challenge your most dedicated players with a creative leveling and rewards system.

tags: Epic Fun General

Fabled FabledSkyBlock

Bring your server’s SkyBlock experience to the next level with the ability to fine-tune island settings, create custom islands, view leaderboards, and much more.

tags: Fabled

Epic EpicAnchors

Allow your players to keep chunks loaded for a limited amount of time for a cost. Integrates with EpicSpawners to keep your mobs spawning even when you’re offline.

tags: Epic Mechanics Fun

Ultimate UltimateKits

Creating and displaying your servers kits has never been easier. Use a GUI to drag kit items in then players can browse through them and even use crate keys on them.

tags: Ultimate

Ultimate UltimateModeration

Take complete control over your server with punishment templates via a simplified yet powerful moderation system.

tags: Ultimate

Epic EpicFurnaces

Bring your furnaces to the next level by allowing your players to upgrade them for unique perks. Control your furnaces from afar, custom recipes, and additional settings.

tags: Epic

Ultimate UltimateRepairing

Allow your players to repair their items in a unique, graphical, and intuitive way. Includes cool effects, different economy types, and lots of settings.

tags: Ultimate

Epic EpicBosses

Create custom bosses that provide a challenging experience with an in-game boss editor, custom skills, drop tables, and all the customization you could ever want.

tags: Epic
Advanced Achievements <-> Luck Perms Hook​

Admin Tools Advanced Achievements <-> Luck Perms Hook​

A hook plugin between AdvancedAchievements and LuckPerms. Add group on achievement!

tags: Admin Tools General